Vision quest 1

Vision Quest

When a person has a calling or is interested in participating in a SunDance as a SunDancer they must Quest before.

Questing involves sitting by yourself for four days, calling to Creation, Great Spirit for your vision or asking for a solution and guidance to a problem or question. A Quester is fasting with no food or water during these four days.

They sit in a circle of 405 prayer ties on a continuance string 100 Yellow, 100 Black, 100 Red, 100 White and 5 Purple. These should be done and prepared before your arrival.

On the 1st Day of Vision Quest, we do Inip Ceremony one round before taking you to your Vision Quest site. In your circle of prayer ties, you may have only what you can carry. Which pretty much means something to sleep in, your pipe or tobacco for praying, your prayer ties, sunblock, tarp, survival blanket and insect repellent.

The suggestion made to arrive early is so you can choose and clear your Vision Quest Site, prepare and slow down.

Vision Quest DATES will be added nearer to Dance commencement, please ensure your email address is added to receive notifications.