Sundance in Aotearoa

In Aotearoa / New Zealand, the journey of the Sundance ceremony began with a visit from Patrick Hendrickson (aka Chief White Cloud or Patrick Aynewausch in the summer of 1999/2000..  Although people from Aotearoa had attended the Sundance held in Hornby Island in 1999 , this was the first opportunity for a wider group of people to meet Patrick Hendrickson and participate in Inipi purification lodges.

During this first visit, Patrick Hendrickson spent time traveling Aotearoa and speaking with Tangata Whenua and others about his journey and vision.  The first Sundance was run by Patrick Hendrickson in the summer of  2001/2002

View the clip below to learn more about the purpose & meaning that brought this ceremony to Aotearoa.. (image Patrick Aynewausch )

Patrick Aynewausch