Sundance is a sacred ceremony called for by us and agreed to by our Late Sundance Chief, Chief Whitecloud. International & National Supporters  are also part of this exchange. In return it is our responsibility to honour these ceremonies by showing the highest respect for our manuhiri/visitors, organising workshops and ceremonies for our respective communities and covering all related costs.

All other expenses relating to hosting International & National Elders and supporters to  deliver a nationwide program are realised from your own fundraising efforts and contributions to the Sundance. Some of you may have contacts with local funding bodies and businesses for sponsorship or grants.

Sundance koha is not compulsory and is used to cover immediate expenses directly related to gatherings e.g: help with providing cooking facilities, a site, arbour, ablutions, Kai for Elders, firewood etc.
All those who confirm to Elders of the Sundance that they will like to participate, are directed to contact us.

Sundancers are also asked to estimate numbers of supporters attending so that parking, camping sites and health and safety plans can be properly organised..

On behalf of Sundance NZ we thank you for your continued support to Sundance ceremonies and I look forward to seeing you in Murchison. Kia ora tatou.

SunDance Aotearoa